rachel has done it

after years of knowing I was Rachel inside a male body and being made by circumstances and society to act as a male I have now got my name and gender changed legally. so no more Mr. its Ms now. no more richard its Rachel now.

here sits one happy little old girl.

now the time has come to get all my records changed so will be busy for a bit no doubt.

the one thing that will make today special is that I don't need to hide Rachel any more. all the quizzical looks that come some times when I was dressed up going out will now have to stop. any one says anything nasty and they are likely to a scratch from my nails that are polished almost every day except the odd day. no more feeling guilty going out dressed as a male knowing I was a girl inside. I suppose now I will have to change my answer to the question do I go out dressed up. now the answer will be no as I am dressing properly as befits a female.

it was only on the bus on the way home from town that I fully realised what I had done today and instantly thought of all the days I have sat thinking about who I am, will I be accepted, will I accept it. yes there were times. lots of them when I thought Rachel would go to her grave hidden inside me. it got me thinking of all those around who are still tormented my who they are. the only thing that kept coming to mind was I you feel female inside let her out if possible. I know society often dictates otherwise as does personal circumstances but I would say if you can let her out.

I certainly have felt a lot happier since I let her out and told people. now I am over the moon that its legal.