I ❤️ wedding dresses

Well I just can't help myself, my first dress was my sisters, I was still living at home,and my mother had it in her closet. I just couldn't wait to try it on and crossdress. Then one weekend my parents went away for the night, boy was I happy, they couldn't have been gone five minutes and I was in the closet. It was a fairy princess type of wedding dress, I slipped it on and OMG I was in heaven, for the next 8 hours I pranced, dance and acted out every sexual positions possible with my new make believe husband, it was the best and fastest 8hours ever. Just can't remember how many times I tried that dress on ,but it was a lot.

My second dress was a beautiful off the shoulder wedding dress, it was my wife's, I'm very lucky my wife is very beautiful and when she walked down the path to our garden wedding, it was like WOW she looked so beautiful in that dress . Then my second thought was, I wonder if she will let me try on her dress. that night I made love to my wife like any good husband would. Once my wife fell asleep I tried on her wedding dress, I felt so bad,like I'd done the dirty on her. In the morning my wife asked me if I had tried her dress on , I felt so bad when I lied and said no. Then she threw her white lacey panties at me (that she had creamed) and said put them on, and then said I want you to wear my dress,stockings etc. then She lay naked on the bed and told me to straddle her, Then she fucked me like I was the bride, I was in heaven again.
I have had two more wedding dresses since, but they just can't beat the first 2.