I am Candi and I love it!

I am currently in an airport waiting for my flight back to Tucson so I decided to take a few minutes to share a major milestone in my life as Candi.

Last night I went to sleep in my pantyhose and babydoll as I always do when I am on travel alone. The constant reminder of my fem self from the silky nightwear really helps me to sleep well. When I woke this morning to the soft silky feel of the clothes and started to think of my day ahead I realized that something had changed about me. I no longer felt guilty about dressing! As I write this blog I still wonder why I am so compelled to be fem but the feeling of wrongness is gone. I am finally me!

Sadly, my situation won't allow me to dress full time or I absolutely would. I was standing in a Starbucks line this morning chatting with a nice lady and thinking how much I wished I was wearing my pantyhose, skirt and heels. I envisioned being fully dressed and talking and giggling together like the two girls we are. Even though that is not my reality, it is so nice to finally want it without the guilt. Enjoy yourself for who you are.

Candi xxx