Facial Pics

"This week I have posted my first 'facial' pics on CCD. There were two reasons for having only 'Faceless' pics, one was my fear of being recognised as I am totally 'Closet'. the other reason being that I did not own a decent wig. I have rectified both of these and I hope to improve on them as time goes on. I have been 'Closet' since my teenage years with breaks in between but now I feel the need to have an alternative to the usual marital relations which occur as age catches up with most couples..... As far as being recognised is concerned I am no longer worried about this as in the event of being so it would be someone on the Club site or even browsing on it, either way the individual would not want to be exposed through the Club and who knows, we both might even create a new friendship, Thank you to all my friends who have supported me in my own particular situation.."I Love you all" XXXXXX