'Almost Lucky' ( True Story )

I was chatting to a CCD Girl the other day when I remembered a thing that happened to me... I was 14 years old and I had a job after school delivering groceries for a private grocers in Glasgow, One of my other duties was to empty our trash into a large bin behind the row of shops these were communal bins. It was while I was emptying our trash into the bin when I noticed a large sack on the very full bin , so I lifted it out and emptied ours in, I then proceeded to replace the sack when I suddenly had a 'Nosey' attack and looked inside the Sack....I thought that my dreams had all come true....In the sack were a number of corsets...actually 8 in all..WOW....these had come from a corsetier who had premises above our shop, they obviously had been left behind in favour of new ones, so being an ardent corset fan I swiftly recovered my find and as I could not take it into the shop, I decided to conceal it and recover it later that evening when all the shops were closed. I returned to my safe hideyhole around 8-30 to collect my 'Booty' only to discover that some 'Dirty Rotten B*****d had nicked it...unlucky or what ??? On reflection, I think it was my boss, anytime he spoke to me, he put his arm around me.......Mmmmm