Something old and something new

I got thinking this morning Christmas is just around the corner so started making plans for the day. Making lists of things to get, when to take the turkey crown out of the freezer. What time I wil need to start the cooking process etc no everything is ready at the same time. Making sure I have stuff for nibbles later as we are a one meal house on Christmas day

Then wham

A thought hit me. This will be my first rachel Christmas there is nothing new in cooking the meal I have done it for years so it's all old hat. But this year I will be in my rachel clothes no richard as in the past. It will be my first as an outward rachel. It will be heavenly though at times might feel odd. Some of the immediate family still call me richard out of habit yet the distant family and friends call me Rachel

I will be happy though. Hence the something old and something new.

Whatever happens I wish everyone a good and happy festive time.