Forced thru the front door.

Thought I would share a true life story.

In June 2018 I went out of town on business. As usual I brought my stuff to dress. After getting all dressed up I realized I was getting low on makeup removing wipes. The local Walmart was just across the street so I got my purse. I figured since nobody here knew my it would be easier to go out and shop as Alexis in public.

It took 20 minutes to get out my hotel door but I did, walked down the hall to the stairs and out the side door without being seen. Next I walked to the car and drove to the Walmart. After 30 min of getting in and out of the car.....I never made it into the store. Wasn't as easy as I had hoped. I drive back to the hotel where life takes a sudden turn.

I try to reenter the hotel thru the side door Anndd....side door entries are restricted to 8am and 9pm. It's 10. I am now outside fully dresses and the only way back to my room is thru the front doors and past the two staff members working the reception desk.

So I take a deep breath and walk my most feminine walk I can and walk straight thru the front doors, past the reception desk (where I do believe the lady looked up to see who came in) and straight to the elevator. And as luck would have it it was at the 3rd floor so I had to wait. I finally get on press the button, door closes and then realize there could be 1 to 5 people standing waiting to get on when the door opens again. As luck would have it I made it the rest of the way to my room unsee.

The point of this story is. Going out in public dressed up is not as easy as it appears. That said, I admire the courage that those of you who do go have and hope I get to be among those brave ladies.

The pic shows how I was dressed on that evening.