Opportunity Lost ?

Hi Folks, Just thought I would share a little moment which I had Yesterday. I was out shopping with my Wife at M & S. She was looking for a suitable gift for a Friend's Birthday so I left her to 'Browse' and I took the opportunity as I often do, to have a 'Browse' on my own round the 'Ladie's Wear' I was admiring a lovely 'Silky' dress when I heard a Male voice behind me saying "It's lovely isn't it honey, I think it would look very nice on you, I got the same one on Saturday,"...I turned around and saw this stunning Lady wearing a lovely Straight skirt and 'Cashmere sweater, I think I was staring at her with my mouth wide open while I looked around for her companion, but no, she was definitely talking to me. " Have you seen this one 'honey', isn't it beautiful. I'm just going to try it on, if you are not too busy I would love your opinion on it".

I kind of stammered a bit and said " I'm sorry, I'm looking for a size 16 for my Wife, she is in the changing room waiting for me to fetch her another size of this one. I quickly picked out a 16 and headed straight in the direction of the dressing room with the dress over my arm, did a swift detour and dumped it on another rail, then went searching for my Wife while trying to recover from the shock. My question is,..did I have the look of a CD, Was she looking for love, or was she genuinely looking for my opinion...either way I was shaking with excitement. This probably would not have happened if I had been on my own........XXX