The Closet CD and personal grooming.

Over the past year I began putting a lot of attention into personal grooming and makeup. Now I am no expert at either and am still working on it.

But last night I'm lying in bed and my wife is in front of the mirror. She tells me her eyebrows are suddenly bushy. She has a pair or eyebrow grooming scissors and I notice she has the blade side in rather than the comb side to prevent oopses.

So I say in an inquisitive tone, "Are you sure those shouldn't be turned around?" To which she say, "I don't know. I'm not a grooming expert kind of girl.:

it was at that moment I realised I knew more about personal grooming and makeup application than she did and she has no idea that I could help HER be better.

Wish she were CD friendly. This could be a fun experience dressing together.