So I've been Alice now for years quietly dressing in private in girfreind clothes leaving dressing for years because I was living abroad or travelling cos I'll be honest it's hard to dress when your backpacking!

So over recent years confident in who I am and my place in the world! This is my new escapism getting dressed the process the thought behind it "what to wear" how to do my makeup " to go out for a walk around town or to stay within the safety of the house!

Its all consuming and I couldn't be happier it's a process and it's developing its not about anyone else it's mine I am Alice and as I write this it feels like ranting but there is freedom in dressing and being ourselves in or out of the confines of our four walls!

To shave now that's a question one day yes I will probably but work and life prevent me from shaving smooth I shave bits and bum and top of my legs! Cos its always covered I don't work in an office so I can't dress under a suit! Don't want to either for me I like the freedom of full dress not hiding it, yes there is a thrill and oooh what a thrill it is, but don't hide shout it out! I occasionally go out fully dressed usually at night where I'm hidden by the darkness however recently I've been venturing out during the day and Wow even sky diving doesn't compare to that!

So weird blog but that's how my mind works in circles!