Life after 2+ years of frequent crossdressing

It's hard for me to believe that it has been over two years since I told my wife about my need to crossdress. When I received her acceptance of my dressing I was like the perverbial kid in the candy store. I bought too many panties and bras, too many heels (if there is truly such a thing as too many), so many pantyhose and stockings, tops, skirts, dresses, I wanted to experience femininity in every way I could through dressing. Today, some things have changed. First, the things that have changed:
1) I wear panties exclusively now. On those very rare times that I wear men's underwear, they feel so bulky and uncomfortable that I can't wait to take them off.
2) I shave my chest and legs at least three times a week. Shaving just makes me feel cleaner.
3) when I dress now I am always fully fem with panties, bra, forms, stockings, wig, heels... everything. Back in the day, wearing panties and pantyhose would satisfy my fem itch. Not anymore.
4)I have accepted that crossdressing and femininity is part of me. I have much fewer and less extreme feelings of regret with my dressing than I used to.

So what hasn't changed? Mainly the beautiful feelings of tranquility, peace, and just rightness of being fem. Totally absorbing the fem experience. This has been true since day one for me. Although truth be told the fem feelings are even more powerful and ingrained than in the past. My breast forms feel like real breasts to me now when I dress. The fem experience is, if anything, more real and wonderful than in the past.

Well there you have it. I have read online advice for people who want to stop dressing stating that dressing more frequently would reduce the urge. My experience says otherwise. But for me, that's a wonderful thing.

Candi xxx