Peace of mind at last

Last Night after a long conversation with a very good CD friend I managed to pluck up the courage to exit the 'Closet' to my Wife..This was not easy for me as she is not in very good health and I wasn't sure how she would react or suffer any shock. I started by saying that I had something very important to say to her. I continued by talking about how long we had been together and how much I loved her and she started to cry before I even had the chance to tell her. She thought that she was getting too difficult for me to look after her and that I was going to leave her. After managing to calm her down and assure her that we were as one for life I proceeded to tell her of my dressing and she was more relieved there was no way that I would ever leave her. Today has been very quiet between us, so it is work in progress..I will continue this blog later as I am feeling very fragile at the moment .