I Spy a CD

In the big City today (Glasgow) My wife needed a couple of things, so as usual we seperated in various stores, some of the times Wifey was trying various outfits for a Golden Wedding we are going to so I was left sitting on chairs near the fitting rooms for what seemed like an age. As I was sitting I was watching various customers having a good old fashioned rummage when one male , aged around 30 -35 having a good look at the lingerie section and having the occasional glance around to see if anyone was watching, I have to admit that I was really enjoying the 'show', he eventually left after having a good fondle.I started to think things like, was he single married ,CD, gay, or just plain curious, either way he was enjoying his inspection of various items. I thought to myself 'If he looks over my way what do I turn away quickly or Just smile to him, as it was he never looked my way at all. Same store 10 mins. later, 2 guys came over to the same Lingerie rails and lifted up a few items and had a discussion about them, quite unconcerned whether anyone was watching or not, they left with a few items in their basket, I sort of 'welled up thinking ,'How very nice'... were the items for each other or for wives or g/friends. I must admit that I was begining to enjoy my observations My enjoyment came to an abrupt end when Wifey eventually came over and said " you were miles away when I looked over at you, what were you thinking about"...I told her I was only 'Daydreaming' lol...a most enjoyable day xxx