Being fem is natural

Oh, the conflict associated with my crossdressing... will it ever go away? I'm not sure. But one thing I do know is that being fem is becoming more and more natural. I have to confess that there are still times when I have an opportunity to dress but question why I am dressing and that perhaps I should stop for good. I think that almost all CDs go through the same thought process sometimes. What I have noticed about myself is that as I continue to dress (which in reality is unavoidable) the conflict has been lessening. I have come to consciously realize that dressing will end the immediate conflict and that I wiil feel more natural and more ME when dressed.

I think the dilemma and conflict is created from having to live a dual life - part as male and part as fem. The more I dress the more I realize that being fem full time would be a better solution if my life situation would allow it. Sadly, that will not happen anytime soon. Still, it is becoming easier and more natural to take advantage of my feminine opportunities. Find your peace.

Candi xx