So been thinking alot about thus weird dressing journey we all go on!

We start thinking hey girls clothes look great and there is some much choice! Move on to yeah let's try sisters, mums, girlfriends dress! And it's amazing really amazing we are pretty so pretty! But we are a teenagers and it's weird society has certain norms that we all avoid!

I'm very manly as a man work outside do extreme sports am completely awesome!

but as a girl I'm girlie I have found my style now I started dressing in others stuff then I bought my own very Cosplay kinda stuff borrowed my wife's dress that I coveted for years realised actually they way to go is better sexy lingerie has always worked for me make or entity femme but now it's all about 50s style with modern twists make up is easier and more colourful!

i go out dressed now the confidence in not giving a fuck what the world thinks is right there now!!

I know we all go though this I know you guys get it and I love that we all dress with a fuck normal attitude but it still stuns me how far I've come in 2 years of seriously dressing!

And ladies thankyou you have motivated me and inspired me!! The whole way!!

This pic was one of my 1st so the change is obvious!! Amazing really!! X

Alice X