my trip to a lingerie store with my girlfriend

a few years ago a gg friend of mine asked me to go with her to a lady's dress shop they had a lot of night gowns a whole wall of stalkings and pantyhose. then a sales lady came over to us and my friend told her she was looking for a garter belt and stalkings and a matching pair of panty's and bra. so the lady proceded to find her everything she wanted. I was handling the new lingerie and my friend was watching my reaction to do that then she says to me maybe you should get some too. that was wild and unexpected. she knew I dressed but never expected me to react that way so I was enjoying the moment and the delay time for me to answer her was all she needed. the sales girl said to her is there anything else and she says loud and clear yes I would like to buy a matching set for him. hearing that in broad daylight with a bunch of pretty sales girls in close proximity was like something you used to read about in penthouse forum about a CD experience. the first thing that happened was the sales girl got out a tape measure and got my waist size for the garterbelt I got a white lacy 2x. then I got fitted for a matching bra a 34c as I already had breast development. so my friend and the sales girl are in the dressing room with me and my friend is pulling the bra in different direction to get the fit right and asking the sales girl what she thinks this is every gurls dream to have two gg's fussing over you so much. then we find the right one and my friend finds a matching white lace panty. then she says to me and the sales girl she will take everything and told her that we both would wear them out of the store. I went to her apartment not long after that and we had the most wild day of sex she still emails me and talks about that time. if you get a chance and you are in the area the store is called thorns it's in downtown Concord New Hampshire. they are still in business and when I move back to New Hampshire I'm going to that store for way more stuff. a very true story anyone want to meet up there this summer ???