"Does it Show"

Yesterday I went clothes shopping to the sales with my Wife and she picked out 4 new dresses. We were in the checkout queue when My Wife suddenly said ." Wait in the queue, I'll be back in a minute." So here I was with an armful of dresses and my turn came up, Now I don't know if you have been in this situation, I wondered ...Is she pulling a fast one ...leaving me to pay for them or is she remembering me coming out to her and having fun at my expense.? whichever it was I handed the dresses to the cashier and she remarked.."Nice choice, I love the colours, she then looked at me with a wry smile and said..Enjoy...So I returned an even bigger smile and said ..."I will thank you" Was she extracting the urine or was she a female admirer...either way I paid for them...My Wife then turned up and said, "Sorry darling, the queue moved quicker than I expected.........Yeah.......right.....x