Am I a sissy? Does it matter?

Hi everyone! I am on business travel once again and lounging in my hotel room in pantyhose and a babydoll. Since I have some time, I figured I'd blog about a topic I've been pondering: Am I a sissy? Before I can answer that I need to figure out what being a sissy really means. From everything I've read and heard I certainly meet much of the 'criteria'. I love being and dressing girly. Being as fem as I can be is my passion. I am also submissive and fantasize about having a master or mistress enforce my femininity. However, there are some characteristics associated with being a sissy that I do not share. I am not at all interested in degradation, insults, god or goddess worship, boot licking, put downs, etc. So, where does that leave me? Am I a sissy? If not, what am I? Of course, it really doesn't matter what the answer is but I find it interesting to ponder. I am not sure I really have a label that fits. Guess I will need to invent one...Pre sissy? Prissy? Lol

Candi xxx