Panic at the beauty parlour

I have for a long time been going to my local beauty parlour for waxing then IPL on my legs. Since I have struggled to grow hair on my head I also had IPL carried out so that I don't have to shave all that often. All of this has been done in the most enjoyable way even one therapist knew about my painted toes and I could just enjoy the moment while she did a treatment on my legs. I am now well known to all the staff there and am quite often used in their conversations.

My wife now goes to the same parlour and she booked me in for a facial. I have never had a facial and so on Saturday am I got ready to head off, since I had golf straight after I thought I would do my normal thing and underdress. I was wearing a body suit with suspender belt and stockings with shear see through panties and painted toenails. When I had gone through what I would like and what form of facial I wanted she then said now remove all of top half and if you like your jeans and hop onto the bed. I had a sudden panic attack as I thought a facial was just that your face, boy was I in for a surprise. I quickly thought how I was going to get away without my true self being found out, not so much for me but the possible embarrassment for my wife facing the same ladies. When the therapist left the room, I have never gotten undressed that fast in all my life, with trying to also hide the hidden clothing amongst my shirt and jeans.

The feeling from the process of the facial is something I will always treasure as it was an exquisite and awesome experience. I now know why women adore them and I will now be a regular going once every 6 weeks. At the end of the session, I managed to dress back into my body suit and secrete the suspenders and stockings into my pockets and meet out in the reception.

I will in future be a little more cautious of what I wear to appointments of any sort.

If you have never had a facial, I would recommend that you put this at the top of the list for any pampering. It is not only a female procedure, with lots of men now getting them. I had no issue telling my mates at golf where I had been and also the fantastic experience I had received.