Big Day

So ladies on Friday I had one of the most empowering experience as a dresser I've ever had!

knowing my wife was away until late Monday I invited a friend of mine who has known about my dressing for many years.

Now this may not seem massive however I've never dressed in company or allowed anyone to do my makeup but tryst in this woman is massive so she came to mine choose my outfit and did my makeup which felt amazing to relinquish control of my dressing to another.

I went into my dressing room and became full Alice suspenders stockings dress hair lock stock the lot when I returned she was agast at the transformation not just how I look but my mannerisms and behaviour.

we took some photos chatted about what dressing does for me and I cooked tea!

after tea she suggested we go for a walk now I've done this before a couple of times but kinda hidden in plain view but with her with me I took my dress off put jeans and a top on flat shoes and went out! This is a scary experience for me as daytime with someone walked past quite a few people who know me as a man tried to hide myself a little but nobody recognised me I think!

we went to a pretty little Park and sat for about an hr again just chatting then filled with confidence I took her back to her train and came home!

This is representative I think of a huge change in my attitude as a dresser I love being Alice and she needs to get out more!

hope this inspires others to do the same and don't be afraid to tell really good girlie freinds about your dressing!