The fine line

As many are aware here, I am a closeted crossdrrsser that would definitely like to become a teansgender woman.

As of late I decided to push the limits, my limits, to see how much I could dress up without others noticing I am dressing up.

The first order was to wear sexy, lacey silky panties 24/7. The accomplishment here is wearing them to bed and my wife not noticing. I guess I still have a use for boxers. Uggg!

On certain occasions I have been able to wear a bralette to work with realitive ease as well as trouser socks, stockings and/or pantyhose. All items while very feminine are easy to hide.

The next item thing has been painted toes. This gets interesting because this is not a 30 second removal process. I have accomplushed 2 weeks undetected with colors ranging from flesh tone pink to metalic bronze to deep burgundies and reds.

I have began exploring with the face now. Being fully exposed I have taken a slow introduction approach. First supper close shaving and moisturizing lotion with sunscreen, Oil of Olay Complete. Every day for past month.

Two weeks ago I began using Baby Soft facial primer. This is clear bur does create a glow to your skin.

This week I added mascara. Trick here has been to put on only enough to color the lashes without increasing volume. The bottom lashes are the most noticeable change even when barely adding color bur noticeable to me .So far no one has said or appeared to kotice this subtle change.

Within the next week or 2 I am going to try adding a sherer low gloss lipgloss and if it goes unnoticed.

One other thing I have gotten awsy with was a clear nail hardener/base coat polish on my finger. Almost a month unnoticed until the wife asked why my nails were getting so long.

All bath products are now general products with a fruity feminine aroma as is the womens deodorant I use.

Would love to hear other ideas to try that i could do that might go unnoticed. Put your idras in comments about this blog.


Yesterday I stumbled across a MAC lipstick. Tried it on real quick and almost invisible. Can't wait to try wearing it to work