ADMIRERS!!!!!! must be kidding me on.

As ive posted on myccd,a big thank you to everyone who has liked or commented on my latest main profile pic,it was taken just before a meet with a male admirer.

Now i have no feelings for men, just other t-girls ,but curiosity had got the better of me and i wanted to know how i would feel being with a man.A meet was arranged with an admirer i had had a good chat with.The meet confirmed why i have no feelings for men, there were no feelings or closeness during the meet from him it was just sex.

During the meet he wanted me to take his bi virginity,which i did.It was lucky for me that i was wearing a condom (which i always do) as he had a shitty arse.He obviously knew this as right after this he asked if he could use my bathroom.He spent some time in there and after he had left i found that i had brown streaks on my hand towel.He also left me more to admire on my corset and my quilt cover and without any doubt the condom.

So men !!!!! no way for me,there is no way you can beat what you get from two t-girls meeting it is far more than any man or indeed real woman can give you. when two t-girls meet they each KNOW what the other wants and needs.

Only a man can be a woman the way that a man wants a woman to be...