I get home from work. I am usually tired and somewhat stressed from the hectic day. Today is no exception. I head to my room to change. Now I stop to decide-do I want to dress fem today? I open my dresser and look over my bras, panties pantyhose. I am feeling really tired and not sure if I want to spend the energy to get pretty. The pantyhose look so inviting. I am already wearing panties as I usually do under my work clothes. I decide that I will just slide them up one leg to remind myself how good the nylon feels on my shaved legs. Oh, they feel wonderful! I decide I will put them on all the way for a minute. I get them on and immediately feel warm inside. I am a woman. In a dream like state I put on my bra and breast forms. I pick a cute outfit from my closet with some matching 4 inch heels and continue dressing. Last my blonde wig. I am tired but I don't stop. Make up and lipstick are next. Then some long dangling earrings. Lastly the perfume. I feel so good! I look at myself in the mirror. I am a woman! I feel wonderful. The stress is long gone. I feel warm inside. I feel like me again!