Daily makeup and being closeted.

Back in July I had discussed exposing the feminine side without coming out. Besides close shaving and facial moisturizer the task is to see how much makeup I can wear and get away with and still not be forced to come out.

First was the addition of a clear facial primer. This did nothing but add a glow to my skin. The Baby Soft primer and the Olay moisturizer does in fact give a baby soft feel to my face which lasts at least 4 hours.

Next was mascara. I have been successfully wearing this daily for 2 month undetected. I have been using IT Cosmetics 5 in 1 mascara in black. Barely color the bottom lashes and 1 full application sweep to the upper lashes. I've been up close to many of my friends and no one has noticed.

For about a month now I have also been wearing lipstick. Based on a Mac brand that was incredibly close to my natural lip color I began using Clinique's Moca Pop matte lipstick but is slightly redder. Application is critical here because as creamy and luxuriant as it feels, to much definitely makes your lips feminine smooth. This is a dead give away. Less is your friend. So add just enough to color your lips but but not change their natural "texture" so to speak.

My newest experiment is a highlighter. This has been daring because it does show. Again very light application. This I started yesterday (8/15/19) and it actually went well so far. I place a very light dab in the corner of my eye and a very light and thin line down the bridge of my nose. Then blend both.....a lot. The effect I am trying to attain is the glow without noticing the makeup. When done I get the corner of the eye to pop and the nose glows on top and slightly down the sides. Not a dramatic contrast as you turn your head in the light.

I am also looking for a nude matte eyeshadow. I have found a Bareminerals that is the right shade but a bit to much shimmer. So that search goes on right now but I at least have a base to start with.

I will continue this blog as I experiment and not get caught. There is also going to come a point when I will have concede that it is being noticed but people are not commenting. Or I will post that I pushed to far and am now out. Til then I hope my trial and tips help you let your feminine side show also.