the old phone

You know how you just throw the out dated phones in a drawr and forget it. Thats what i did with one that i had quiet a few pictures on . I though i deleted them .so had no trouble letting a girl useit , hers had quit on her. I had been trying to get her to be intrested in Me. She was just about to come around too.

Well a fewdays later she came by to bring it back! I asked if it had worked.she kind of smiled and said it worked great And said therewere a few pictures on it that she wanted to talk about.

I almost ran away. Pictures of mefully dressed were the only ones i had ever put on it!

She drilled me about them.,they were some of my better ones. Anyway we talked the night away about why i dress .when she had to leave She told me to call her next time i felt like dressing up and she would come and help , that it kind of turned her on.

I think i feel a dressing night coming .were did i put that phone.