Blessing or curse? What would you do?

I love being feminine! The feel of all the soft silky garments and undergarments is unimaginable and must be experienced to fully appreciate. I dress as often as I can for as long as I can (usually every day for at least a few hours). I can't imagine ever giving up dressing. That said, cross dressing creates social life conflicts that are unpleasant. Whether you are a stay at home dresser like me or a 24/7 fem like I want to be, you will be faced with the need to keep secrets or the need to deal with confrontations with narrow minded people. I sometimes wonder if I was given the opportunity to be male 24/7 with no temptation or desire to ever dress again, would I choose to pursue this? Would I choose to give up my life of sexy lingerie, stockings, bra, pretty outfits, scents and the rest for the opportunity to never be interested in dressing again? It's a tough question for me to answer. I love being feminine. But, if given the choice to not care or be tempted by dressing thus eliminating the regular internal and external conflicts, would I be better off? Happier? I don't know. I wonder what you would do?