Introduction to crossdressing

I was a young apprentice , training to be a welder , seems a long time ago now.

A lot of the qualified trademen were late 20’s or early 30’s and were frequently getting out there erect cocks to flash about. I was working with welding mask down when I sensed someone near, I stopped and saw one of the guys , called Joe, with his very large erect penis in his hand wanking and pointing at me.

For a reason I never understood at the time I took my gloves off and started to masturbate him. It didn’t take long for him to cum all over my overalls and hand. This led to him making me his gurlfriend as he was married and stressed he wasn’t gay.

Ended up working away on contracts with him where he would buy me stockings, basques , heels and all wonderful feminine clothes. I would dress for him in the hotel room or sometimes caravan and I very soon realised that I absolutely loved the feel , sensation and power that wearing sexy clothing , lingerie and make up gave me.

Didn’t continue to be Joe’s play thing for long but it certainly set me on the road to enjoy my feminine side for the rest of my life.