Work Colleague Hotel Fun

In my job I used to travel a lot in uk and abroad. There were a number of consultants and other colleagues who on occasion would be involved on the same project.

When travelling away it always gave me the opportunity to live out my fantasies of dressing in my favourite outfits so I always took one with me. Under normal circumstances this was only done in my hotel and when I was not with any colleagues.

One night when in Belfast though this changed. Having finished work for the day and going to be there another few days I ended up in the hotel bar with a colleague, didn’t work for same company, but on same project.

After a number of drinks in the bar somehow we ended up discussing sexual preferences and what turned us on. I was initially just saying the usual things but as the drinks flowed I mentioned I liked to experience my feminine side. As soon as this was said I regretted it as my colleague, Mark, was instantly intrigued and wanted to know more.

After about 20 minutes of skirting around the subject, no pun intended, I eventually confessed to loving to wear lingerie and feminine attire. Well his eyes opened wide and I could see immediately that he was interested and aroused by the thought. So after another drink from the bar consumed and me admitting that I had clothes in my room he asked if he could see me dressed up. After a bit of persuasion I reluctantly and very apprehensively agreed. Taking another drink with us we ventured off to my room.

Once inside I tried to get out of by saying not sure this is a good idea thinking that this could end my career and life! He quite rightly pointed out that both of us were taking a chance so why not go for it, so I did.

Got my stockings , basque, full arm length gloves , skirt and high heels and wig , excused myself went into the bathroom to put them on. Did not attempt makeup as would have taken too long.

When I came out I half expected him to laugh call me names and leave but this was not the case. He was leaning on the desk looking me up and down with a big smile on his face which said oh yes please!

It didn’t take long for me to notice his erection forming in his suit trousers so I just went for it and touched him whilst looking into his eyes. Intoxicated by alcohol and desire I dropped to my knees and undid his belt and trousers and got his cock out and after a few strokes I took his beautiful hard manhood and sucked him.

It was the most erotic night of my life to that point as we enjoyed each other’s bodies until the early hours of the morning. I tasted him , felt him inside me and it all felt so right.

Unfortunately the experience was never repeated as although we still met through work we made a pact to never mention the events of that evening. Eye contact and smiles between us meant that it was a memory to be cherished forever.