Makeup to work

This is really a continuation of my Closeted CD and the Daily makeup blogs. So I guess it's really time to update my progress. Also to get an idea about what I am talking about check out my picture album, "Makeup to work"

First I want to reafirm the idea that I do not consider myself as a passable CD nor am I a makeup pro. This is more about my progress and what I have learned.

First. In my previous blogs I have continuously said just a light application. What I have learned is that in many cases less is more.

Since my daily makeup post I have both changed from IT Cosmetics foundation to Clinique and also added it to my daily makeup application. In the full make up photo I have only used a total of 10 small dots of foundation to get the coverage you see....and it is a tiny bit more than normal but I would still wear it to work.

Due to the lighting it doesn't show well, but the highlighter in the corner of the eyes and down the nose are also lightly applied under the eyes on the check, the chin, on the forehead over brows and under the check bone. But step into the sun and your highlighted features glow.

Amazingly this really shows that even as minimal as I have tried to apply my daily makeup, there are very noticeable changes when you can compare nothing to finished job.

As in my last blog I was looking for a soft subtle eyeshadow. What I stubled on was an almost exact match of blended matte brown with a soft pink to tone it down. You can see it in the half and half pic I posted. But is less noticeable in both full makeup pics.

So now my daily morning routine is to shave, reshave and a third shave till there is no stubble feeling. Facial cleaning, I use Noxima, pat and let dry. Then Oil of Olay Complete moisturizer. Let dry.

Then makeup which for me is: Clinique foundation, I believe a Tarte highlighter, eyeshadow, which I am continuing to find better products and colors, IT Cosmetics mascara and finally either Mac's Tisser lipstick or Clinique's Moca Pop.

I would love to here any back if anyone who actually has tried the ideas in my posts and how they are working out for you. Or even just your thoughts about what is posted.

Love to all my lady friends here. ♥️