Enjoying Amanda

Having had a tough year medically , closing my business and entering semi retirement, I am throughly enjoying my days dressed as Amanda. My home backs onto a 7 hectare reserve with grassed areas , concrete paths , bench seats and a table. I have been acutely aware that I would need to hone my dressing style and makeup skills to be able to blend in. With that in mind I have been choosing to venture out dressed ( more a business women) into the reserve at 2.00 pm each day. Different outfit tailored to the weather conditions. To my delight , I have been able to spend longer periods there without attracting too much attention, in fact hardly a second look. You see my dress style always includes my HH breasts , a size a love and enjoy. Fortunately my suburb also has a lot of large breasted women, so my breast size is not that unusual. My next adventure will be to go to the local shops for a spot of shopping. I hope all of you can experience the same pleasure I have, in being able to go outside in public .