New Years Eve Party

In the late eighties my girlfriend and I were invited to a New Year’s Eve party which was to be fancy dress. It was a themed evening with guests having the choice of what they wanted to wear providing it was beginning with the letter P.

There was lots of suggestions made between us and also by friends who were attending including Priest, Pirate, Punk etc.

I asked my girlfriend if she fancied going dressed sexily in stockings, suspenders , basque and heels as she used to like wearing in the bedroom. She didn’t get the link to P initially until I said Prostitute! It would give her the opportunity to be as flirty as she wanted. Agreeing she was getting quite excited about the prospect and has limited cost implications as she had all the necessary attire.

I planned to go as Policeman as I could be arresting her for her brazen behaviour. One night after a few drinks she suggested that we should both go as ladies of the night , she used to let me wear stockings when in bedroom occasionally which I used to love. After discussing we agreed that we would go as a pair of hookers. Picking and buying the outfit was a joint operation and I loved it deciding on black stockings, black and red basque and black mini skirt with pair of red heels. (Took a bit of practice walking in them but they were only 3 inch so got there eventually)

A few days before the party and to be as authentic as possible my girlfriend gave me a body shave and wax which was really erotic and we had a very intense session.

Details of how the getting ready on the night and the party to follow xx