Appearance versus Reality.

So you see a lovely picture of this charming hetero couple in front of their fantastic house in the suburbs. Charming. The man leaves the house in his élégant 3 piece costume and goes to work at the bank. As he sits at his desk, a gorgeous woman walk in to see him. Considering that he is wearing his nylon stockings and silky panties, he gets a hard-on the minute he crosses his legs....which does not keep him from doing his job. Later, back at home, he will dress totally femme and he and his wife wil go shopping: 2 women on a shopping spree. (S)he is so "gorgeous" that the naked eye does not see the difference. And who cares, really. We all see "Reality" in different ways depending on our environment, on our education and on what we wish to see. But in our present world of "fake news" the lines are becoming more and more blurred.