Arguably, the one item of clothing that makes CDs feel most fem is panties. What is it about panties that causes such a strong link to our fem side? I spent a fair amount of my younger years trying to "get into" women's panties and now, ironically, I wear them exclusively. After years as a CD, panties are still a mainstay. In fact, I find that panties are much more comfortable than men's underwear and now, I can't stand the feeling of boxers. I can't imagine wearing anything else. But my attachment goes beyond comfort. Is it all the pretty and sexy variety? That is certainly part of the attraction. I spend a few minutes every morning selecting the panties that fit my mood. Maybe the attraction also has something to do with the part of the woman's anatomy that the panties cover and my subconscious desire to be physically like women. Not really sure what the answer is. Probably a mix of many things. One thing for sure, I am a panty wearer for life now. I think I have panties for every day of the year at this point.