Well, I finally had to come out to my wife about Debbs.

she found my pics on my computer and went nuts!! but after explaining myself, and having alot, and I mean alot of questions, like why do you?

are you gay? what does it do for you? and more.

after a week or so she sort of come round, her head was straight and said she would like to see me dressed to see what it did for me.

so Last week, she said I've ordered you a dress & and bra.. shock was not the word.

so last weekit all came, she did my make-up and I dressed. She took the pictures.

she said I looked great, and called me a bitch cos of my figure and loved my legs which I'm happy about.

Now both our birthdays are coming up she wants to goto Chester for a night out with me fully dressed... I'm so looking forward to it.. BUT>>

questions, what is it like in Chester for us gurls, what about toilets, and it's my 1st time out so nervous is not the word.

I've asked questions on various websites about Chester and no-one seems to know so I'm just doing it!!!

wish me luck :)