Hopelessly Fem

Hello everyone! I am sitting here drinking my morning coffee and fully dressed as usual. Today, I am wearing a black blouse with a pink floral pattern, black bra and forms. I am blonde and have chosen a short black pencil skirt. The skirt has one side opaque and one side with alternating opaque and sheer stripe pattern. Black pantyhose and 4 inch black heels complete me. I am also wearing a corset today. I find that not only does a corset give me the girly figure I want but having a better defined waist also keeps my pantyhose and skirt in place better.

As each day goes by, Candi seems to become more and more dominant. I love being fem. As I am sitting here, watching TV, I find that whenever a woman enters the scene, I start to imagine what it would feel like to be her. I imagine walking in her heels, how her breasts must feel in her bra, and how her skirt feels around her legs. I seem to be doing this more and more. It is almost automatic now and I'm not exactly sure why. My desire to be feminine just seems to keep growing. I go to bed at night thinking about what panties and what outfit I am going to wear the next day. Should I pick a pair of shoes and build the rest of my clothes around them? Will I wear pantyhose or stockings with a garter belt? What color lipstick will I wear? How will I make up my eyes? It seems like more than half of my thoughts revolve around my feminine self. It feels so good to be this way but it is also a little worrisome. Not sure how far this is going to go. Am I destined to eventually be female full time? I really don't know.

But in the mean time, I think I will wear pink tomorrow. :-)

Candi xx