Going out in Vegas

I had started going out on a previous trip to the southern US. I would go for drives, stop for gas, and pass though a drive through for food, what I think the usual starting out is for most of us I was in Vegas for part of a week for a conference, and figured I would try and get out a little. After a day on the trade show floor, I hurried back to the hotel and had a long shower, starting the long process in trying to become pretty! After a couple hours of shaving and plucking, applying my makeup, making adjustments to my hair, and picking an outfit, I was finally dressed. I had on a cute, blue and black body-con dress, my black 3 inch sandals, and a little flashy jewelry. I felt pretty cute! A new feeling for me!

I grabbed my black clutch purse and headed for the elevators! I got to the elevator and hit the button. I saw a mirror nearby and took a look…. My dress was sliding up! I adjusted it, went back to the elevator, and adjusted the dress again….. I lost my nerve! Back to the room I went. What do I do? I was so worried about my dress sliding up, I chickened out I changed into the romper I brought and also changed my shoes. I was determined to go out, at least to do it! I headed back to the elevator and hit the button again.

I got on and pressed the button for the lobby. The doors closed, and down I went. The hotel had the upper floors and the lower floors were not part of the hotel. As the elevator approached the last floor before the lobby, ding the elevator slow and stop. I heard the loud voices of men laughing and joking. The doors open and three BIG guys are there. I hope I don’t look too scared. I am sure I did though. They noticed I was in the elevator and became silent…not a word. They got on and the doors close. I am freaking out! I wonder; do they know I am a CD and why are they so quiet now? It must have been only 15 seconds, but it felt like an hour!

The doors open at the lobby; they move aside for me, and I walk out and smile. I try not to run and just walk casually… I don’t know if I accomplished that!

I wander around the casino for a while. I play a slot machine here and there. It’s about 10pm so not too busy, but not dead either. The dinner crowd is just starting to come into the casinos. I stroll some more, play a little a little longer. As the casino becomes busier, my nerves get the better of me. I head for the elevators and back to the room. I survived! I long to go back, and the next time wear something sexy to hopefully catch a few eyes!