Is crossdressing better than being female?

As a frequent cross dresser, I often think, and sometimes fantasize, about being a genetic female. It seems at times that being a "real" woman would be a dream come true. What could be better than having naturally grown breasts and and all the rest of the female parts? To have a natural hourglass shape without the need for all the shape wear? Wouldn't that be a dream come true? Or... would it?

As a CD, the transition from my male personna to my fem self is an amazing experience. Every time. Slipping into bra and stockings, doing my makeup, putting on skirt and heels... heavenly. Experiencing the contrast and change from dull male to hottie female is exhilarating! But, let's face it. Women don't get to experience this. Dressing fem is a way of life. Taken for granted. Nothing special about it. There is no thrill about dressing, at least for most women. For some, it is even a chore with no pleasure. Plus their monthly cycle and female health issues... is that something to wish for? Maybe for a select few of us but not for me.

I love female sexuality and beauty but that is really a small, albeit thrilling, part of real womanhood. I think being a CD probably is more fun. But,... I may need to get breasts some day since I can't really grow my own.

Candi xx