Where I love to CrossDress Shop and you can too!

Some girls might be having a hard time shopping for clothes, especially if you are starting out and feeling embarrassed wondering the ladies section at the store. Well, no worries!

This is a list of places where I shop online to get my sexy attire. (Always remember to signup for email newsletters as you sometimes get coupons, 15% off or Free Shipping)

My #1 Favorite site: Wickedtemptations.com
(Naughty lingerie. Always check the Sale section!)

(Shoe sizes up to 13 for women's. Plus they also ship to the closest store for free, so that nobody at home will see your new heels that just arrived!)

(Naughty lingerie, again, start with the Sale section first)

(Start with the clothing section, I prefer the cropped tops. They have very pretty clothes.)

(Cheap clothes from $20 on down to $5. They have amazing tops and bottoms for a fun night out)

(Cute panties starting at $3.50 each, get like 10! Awesome selection, their clothes are amazing too, very good prices and selection)

(Another great clothing store, start with the Sale section)

Note: UPS - the shipping service, has a service called UPS My Choice. It's $40 a year to join and you can have your packagess delivered to the nearest UPS store of your choice. Get all your panties, croptops, miniskirts, and dress delivered to the store. You get notifications through email or the UPS app. (Most clothing stores ship though UPS just check the shipping and handling link on the clothing site, also some allow you to choose if they have options for different shipping carriers)