Self Quarantine for Janice

Greetings everyone. Janice has actually been enjoying the lock down. I am living my normal life. Upon waking I straighten up my room, make the bed and perform my toilette. Sometimes I stay in my nighty while having breakfast, watch a little tv then get dressed. Typically, around the house I wear bra, panties, jeans, a top and flats with light makeup and rings and earrings. I live most of my life as the woman I long to be.

The lock down has given me time to get my spring cleaning done as well as getting my house organized and decorated for the summer, if it ever gets here. The garage and gardens are next. I will then have all of my domestic duties done and can concentrate on enjoying leisure time fun.

At least once a week I go all out and get all dolled up with designer underwear, stockings and foundation garments, a nice knee length dress, full glam makeup, my favorite hairpiece and lots of bling. It feels so good even without a date to share it with. It reminds me that soon Janice will be out there beautifying anywhere I go.

Luv to all

Stay safe and healthy