Lockdown for Alexis

Hi everyone - this is my first blog so please go easy on me! Also, if I cross any boundaries a) my apologies and b) please can the moderator change/delete/advise me what to do - thanks.

So a little about me (it's all about me darling!)

I'm a recent crossdresser, firmly in the closet and secret as far as my girlfriend is concerned. Like most of us I guess, I experimented as a teenager wearing my sister's clothes and enjoyed the experience, but the teenage years are for experimenting and while I enjoyed the look and feel of her clothes, it was a phase - something new to try, like playing around with boys, with girls, dying my hair (wish I'd looked after my hair!), falling in love with a new album each week. And so I settled into regular life, regular girlfriends - one who became my wife and went onto to become my ex-wife, more girlfriends and so on.

But every now again I would find myself drawn towards their side of the wardrobe and to the pantie drawer.

So why now and what's different this time? Why now, well for one thing this is a time of evaluation for everybody and I've a feeling that a lot of people, with time to think about their lives, will come out the other side of this with different values and opinions and desires in all manner of things. Work/life balance is taking on a whole new meaning, especially if like me you have been furloughed from work.

Which brings me to lockdown. On a serious, mental health side of things, I'm struggling with the confinement. Oh, I know - I'm healthy and getting paid 80% of my money etc but I like / need social contact (no sniggering at the back!) - I miss the regular things like going to the shops, to the pub, just being allowed to go out when I feel like it. I miss going to work and the banter there. All of this applies to me in my regular life - I've withdrawn more and more into the online world and texting friends etc and shutting my girlfriend out if I'm honest.

On a lighter note - lockdown means I've got a suitcase full of new clothes hiding in the boot of my car that I can't wear! I'm not even sure if some of them will fit - eBay can be a dangerous place! Heaven at the moment would be one afternoon on my own (or with a friendly helper), having a girlie time dressing.

Anyway - time waits for no girl - thank you if you've got this far.

Also, a big thank you to a few special friends that I've made here - thanks for your support, advice and tips - I won't name anyone but you know who you are xx

Alexis xx