Another year flies by...................

Hi everyone,

Another year on and not much has changed. This crazy lock-down is totally screwing up my secret sexy adventures, I know it's really necessary and I hope everyone is following the guide lines. I suppose any and all meets will be much the sweeter after things return to something like normal.

Doing a fair bit of shopping on line but I have to be careful in case my items get opened by my partner as she is unaware of my pastimes. I think that may apply to quite a few people on here !

Managed a few meets prior to lock-down so still got fond memories of those. One guy I visited like to wear a latex rubber raincoat and liked me to undress him slowly and kiss him all over as I undressed him. I must admit it was very nice and when he eventually made love to me I came just about straight away once he was inside me !!

Made lots of new contacts on here during the last few months. I hope to meet some of them eventually but, as usual, the main problem is accommodation. I'm sure everyone is aware of the problems with that particular issue !!!

Love to all Cal XXXXX