My first bra and knickers

As previously mentioned I had the choice of 3 generations of female clothes and yes I tried them all.

My mum had this tan/brown bra and knickers set which I absolutely adored. I would secretly sneak in to her room while she was at work and hurriedly take them to my room. With such joy I'd throw off my Male attire and put them on. The sheer joy, pleasure and sense of excitement. The material around my bum was so sensual.

I was happy to put in a skirt and blouse or a dress but if the house was quite they would just be under my Male clothes.

I'd always make sure they would be back in the exact place just where I'd picked them up from.

One day when getting dressed this bra and knickers set was on my shelf. Sheer panic. I waited until mum was out and put them back. I must have forgotten.

A couple of days later they were in my cupboard again. I was confused. How did they get there? Later than day mum asked did you find the present on your shelf. They are yours now. I blushed. She knew! Sadly she said but I don't want to know any more. If only I'd been braver or we had discussed it my life would probably have been very different.