High Heels are a girls best Friend

Full disclosure… I have always had a fascination for Hi heels. It slowly-but-surely evolved into a penchant. Soon after that it qualified as a legitimate high heel addiction. Now? let’s call it a full fledged fetish.

I’ve always admired a pretty girl that can confidently strut her stuff while wearing a pair of sexy high heels. Even more so, But I’m in absolute ecstasy when wearing them myself.

Yep, no doubt about it—I have a bona fide high heel fetish. And I unabashedly admit it.

If I Can’t Wear Heels, I Can’t Go

This high-heels-or-nothing attitude is certainly not practical. A transexul girl like me should have no problem in turning her well-contoured nose up at practicality. Displaying your femininity is all about powerfully exuding your sexiness. Nothing does that better than high heels.

When You Put On Heels, Something Changes

It’s difficult to identify exactly what it is but… an internal shift definitely takes place when a girl puts on a pair of heels. For me, I undoubtedly feel more:confident,,assertive,,,feminine,,and sexy.
I don’t know about you but, once I tried on my first pair of heels, I experienced a profound ‘snap’ that reverberated deep to my inner core—and it changed me forever.
I can’t imagine ever being completely happy again if some sick fashion police-person informed me that I would never be allowed to wear heels again.
It’s super easy to become addicted to wearing high heels. The more you wear them, the more you want to wear them. Over time they gradually become more comfortable. You increasingly get more proficient walking in them. Personally, I feel an emptiness inside when it’s time to take them off.
The more high heels you acquire, the more you want. Which is why,,the smirk on my face says that I’m superior to you because… I own more pairs of high heels than you do. It should go without saying that a trans girl—or any high-heel-loving-girl— can never have too many pairs of heels.
Which begs the question: where do we put them all?A Dedicated High Heel Closet,,Don’t laugh. A closet reserved only for high heels is not just a fantasy.I know, neither me nor probably you has yet to put together a high heel collection massive enough to warrant a special closet to house our relatively small assortment of heels. But it could happen someday.So i,m still buying,,and hopeing,,to get my wonderfull,,Hiheel closet built...One forty nine and counting,,,Oh I love them..