Dresses can't live with out them

Listen Ladies,,, Are you a dress girl? I sure am!,, While a lot of women opt for pants these days, there’s nothing quite as fun as stepping out in a beautiful dress. With all the options out there, you might be wondering which dresses are best for you. The key is to choose a style that both flatters and feminizes your figure – while making you feel great! Of course, your dress options are endless and A girl can never have too many dresses!,, Dresses, Dresses, Dresses! This is my absolute favorite fashion staple. ,, My,,collection of dresses- sundresses, party dresses, strapless dresses, winter dresses, short dresses, church dresses, etc.and of cource that little black dress thats a must for a girl I have about 30 ,,,4O dresses, from everywhere from Nordstrom to Target. It's not the cost but the fit and the look you you desire,,, They make,,you feel instantly more feminine. Dresses will never go out of style.,, They can easily be dressed up or down by adding different shoes/accessories/a cardigan. Add a wide belt to change the silhouette. They are easy to pack- it's a whole outfit in 1 piece of clothing. Way more classy than Abercrombie jeans ,,you can breath in,,, The Comfort factor: No tight waistbands, no restricted movement, and bend over without worrying about showing off that lacy thong! Well inless you want too,,and Men ,,what guy wouldn't want to show of his girl in a pretty dress,,,or seeing his bride in that silk and satin gown,,,,Guys take pride show thier girl,,,looking feminine and pretty in her favorite dress,,,,,and We,,Well me,,,wouldn't get caught not wearing a pretty dress that will keep his interest in Me,,,not some bimbo in tight jeans,,, Oh yes I,m a dress girl all the way,,, They look so cute all hung up in your closet. I use different shades of pink hangers and clear, plastic dress bags. The combination of pink and shiny clear plastic makes me feel like Barbie. what,,, all we girl know Barbie is a dress girl,,,and what girl didn't want to grow up looking as good as Barbie,,,,,and Mothers what mom didn't want her girl in dresses,,,of every type...that why there' s,, little girl pagents ,to show thier girls feminne,,,pretty in dresses,,,and Moms are never wrong as they are all Dress ,,,girls,,,too...Oh yes,,I,m truely a dress girl,,and always will be,,,Dresses,,Dresses,,Dresses....there always room for one more,,,in my closet,,, DorathyJayne,,,