It's true- the U.S. is having a "coin shortage"

This is an actual quote- "the apparent absence of a lack of coins in the nation's marketplace has so alarmed the federal government that the Federal Reserve has established a 'coin task force' TO MITIGATE THE EFFECTS OF LOW COIN INVENTORIES CAUSED BY COVID19". 22 top financial people have been appointed to a "task force" (a fu**king task force) and report by early August "actionable steps that supply chain participants can implement to address the current circulation issue"....thank God!!! When I go back to stores in 2025, they will be able to give me change.

Congrats to the Federal Reserve for springing into action!!!

Yet.....we have a President who avoids science and the truth about the pandemic like it's a plague or something. I mean, there are still massive shortages of masks, gloves and all protective gear for healthcare providers & first responders and after waiting for 6 hours at covid testing facilities they tell you it'll be 6-10 days for the result and by the way don't get your hopes up, maybe the test result will be inaccurate, and...hope you don't die before we get back to you, have a blessed day. Ummm....sounds like supply chain issues to me...hey Mr. President, how about you do your job and use your "War Powers Act" authority to call the nation's production capacities into action and....oh I don't know, maybe improve the supply chains to address the shortages of the things the heroes need to safely take care of us. Maybe Mr. President, do THAT instead of your daily lie sessions/tweet "shit storms" you rain down on the world instead telling us your garbage like- "This virus will just go away"......although you may be onto something--- I guess that's actually needs "living" humans to it will go away when it no longer has anyone to infect.

Our beautiful State of Florida is being run by one of the President's little acolytes (Governor DeSantos) and he just "helped" Florida set another daily record of Covid cases and related deaths. ~13,000 positive cases in one day.

Florida has ~21,500,000 citizens

It's daily total WELL exceeded those in 3 COUNTRIES....and not "small" countries but these;

Germany- ~84,000,000

U.K.- 68,000,000

China- 1,400,000,000

Total- 1,552,000,000 which is 72 times the population of Florida.

By the way- on Thursday July 16, the U.S. saw it's highest daily number of new cases with 77,255 while the entire European Union (with over 118 million more people than the U.S.) had 5,779. That's more than 13 times the number of cases with only 73% of the population of the EU. While running for president in 2016 Trump promised that if he were elected, the U.S. would be winning so much that we would get tired of winning.....I think he is living in the upside down world of the Netflix show "Stranger Things" because for someone who spends more time golfing than "presidenting", he "should" know that in this instance, lowest score wins. Mr. Vice President Pence, can you please explain that to him or.....maybe have somebody explain it to you first and then go tell him becuase I'M FUCKING EXHAUSTED FROM ALL THIS WINNING!

About a week ago when the U.S. was seeing 50k cases a day, I heard an epidemiologist put it into perspective this way- he said you know, the President's been blaming China for this but.....the TOTAL number of cases in Wuhan for the last 6 months is approximately the U.S. is adding the equivalent of another Wuhan every day....and now we're on the way to the equivalent of 2 Wuhans every day. Yet the President and all of his little acolytes refuse the wear masks, social distance and the closest they probably come to washing their hands is the stream of urine leaving their bodies. So- a little advice to those of you in countries that DO give a damn about others, Socially Distance yourselves from Americans. I would go to Canada but....they won't let Americans in.....I wouldn't either.

The most powerful individual on the planet is also the most dangerous...his own niece wrote a book about that exact conclusion and she is a Medical Doctor in the mental health field. Trust her!!!