Closet Crossdresser

Hello everyone. This is my first blog so please excuse all of the spelling and grammar mistakes. My name is Stacilynn IM a heterosexual closet cross dresser with bi curious tendancies.

I am not attracted to men, but cannot stop fantasizing about sucking a cock, of course I fantasize about being forced to do it, and forced to become a sissy slut. I have been cross dressing since I was 14 years old. I began with my mothers clothing until one morning she forgot her purse and returned an hour later only to catch me dressed in her clothes. My mother was furious and put makeup on me and dressed me up and made me go out to lunch with her all dressed up . She then put me into a group home for a year to see if they could fix me. I never cross dressed again until I was 27 years old, I had been doing alot of drugs, exstacy, meth, ghb, ketamine to deal with the loss of my girlfriend of 6 years. It was my own fault I got caught cheating on her with a co worker of hers. We had been fighting for months about my partying and I began to resent her. I got really high on ghb and was out at a club when I met Salena she was a 19 year old hottie. I was in lust for her. I brought her to my place and we had wild G sex and passed out I awoke to my girlfriend yelling and screaming how could you and with this slut. I finally realized the pain that I had caused her but it was too late. I didnt get over her for a long time I compaired every girl I met to her and none were her equal. I began doing more meth and ghb and found the meth started making me raunchier and when I saw  picture of a shemale on the web I began to get hornier than Ive been before. I began watching shemale porn as often as possible. I moved into an apartment with a girl named Jamey, she was hot 5 foot 6, 115 pounds with perrfect fake double d breasts. She always dressed  in sexy skirts, pantyhose and tight sweaters, she had a whole spare bedroom just for all of her sexy clothing. too be continued.