So young people, especially, know they are indestructible. Maybe never heard of HIV AIDS, a form of STD which killed thousands and thousands when it first broke out decades ago. Now people living with HIV AIDS are treated but not cured. Pills etc until they die. It used to be a sort of homo sickness, some would say, but then one local doctor here in Montreal once talked about that big macho cop who came in for a test, turned out to be positive….so how does the big macho guy go home to his wife and tell her he got this? Or not ...or infected her before he found out he had it?

Then you also have the silent STDs, like gonorrhea (''the clap''), one of the highest form of STDs around It hits both men and women. Most men between 18 and 35....but also women as young as 15 to 19. People don't know they have it until whatever. It is dormant. then one day, boom. Problem urinating etc.

Same with chlamydia. Most reported STD cases in Canada. Same sort of age groups for men and women. Which does not mean that older people, indeed at whatever age you still have sexual activities, the danger lurks. So: condoms until you know who you are with. Indeed some new couples will use condoms until they have gone to their doctor and been checked. OK: hormones, hard-ons and desires have little to do with the brain...