Anal sex.

I must say that I do not understand the why. It is practiced by both gays and heteros on both men and women. it is even practiced by women using strap-ons. I get that gays figure that the prostate is a sort of G spot. Still. the anus is not a vagina. It does not shut back after sex. Plus the linings of the anal passage is like a pair of scissors. No wonder condoms are fissured easily (even when a water based lubricant is used….condoms are never 100% safe, not even when used in a vagina). The anal passage does not shut back after sex. That is why some people….men and women…..need bigger ''toys'' to give them whatever pleasure they see in this. There was a program having to do with sex the other day and it included a visit to a specialty store. Clothes, fetish stuff, leather whatever….and a tremendously huge penis in display. Pretty much as big as a tree trunk. Beyond imagining. And I will stop imagining here. Even the mental images are difficult.