Ok, so there are women out there who are totally flat chested. Others in similar cases will go for a bit of breasts augmentation. Others will go to totally crazy extremes, as in 48DDD or whatever.

But at least you (presumably) see what you get.

For men it is a different story. Unless you are at a nudist place or a beach where men wear tight swimsuits, you can't tell. Not when walking around down the street or sitting at a bar.

Indeed some men have….pretty much nothing. Tiny package that you may find with a magnifying glass, Others are so huge you wonder how that can be comfortable to carry around. And there are those who, never satisfied with their entirely ''normal'' size dicks go and buy some of these silly penis enlargement whatever gizmos.

There are dreams and deceptions out there. Perhaps it is of he nature of the human never to be satisfied.