Yes, I hope there is….hope out there and that you do not let yourselves get too down or depressed. That is so easy to de, especially when some people were already of a negative bend (the glass barely half-full) even before this pandemic thing. I am one of those people. So we must find ways to perk ourselves up. I like to go for long walks in parts town where I rarely go. I recently purchased a small pocket camera, pretty much at the same time that I purchased this computer. I try to do this rather discreetly. Indeed sometimes you come across these persons (mainly guys) with their huge cameras, maybe pros selling their travel pics, who knows. But I am very very very amateurish. Pretty much the equivalent of people with their telephone-camera gizmos. Then I put these on my Facebook page. True, you also see many adverts for ''free photo'' or whatever they are called, then it turns out that they are similar in a manner to these Castles types of games where if you want to buy a house or a cannon etc, then you have to buys chips or so. Same thing. You want to participate in ''XYZ'' picture, contest, then you must purchase chips. Can end up to be very very costly.. So I think I am getting away from the subject of hope. And maybe not, because this confinement has me made me discover a few things, and I hope that it is the same for you. Kisses to all,, Robert.